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Water Products

Water Coolers


All new and used coolers are available for rent or purchase. All new coolers are Oasis brand and have a 3 year warranty.

Square Stainless steel cylinder Cook/Cold or Hot/Cold coolers with Splash Free inserts. For rental or purchase.

Stainless steel cylinder Filtered water coolers. Cook/Cold and Hot/Cold with 2 stage carbon filter. Filter replacement every 6 months at additional charge. (connection to water line required)

Water Delivery

About OASIS: For more than 100 years, OASIS International has innovated, engineered, manufactured and distributed some of the world's best clean drinking water solutions. We're the recognized worldwide leader of bottled and pressure water coolers and provide point-of-use filtration equipment, drinking fountains, dehumidifiers, sinks and water pitcher systems to homes, offices, schools, businesses, hospitals and municipal buildings.

ION Bottle-less Water Coolers Table Top and Free Standing deliver freshly filtered water chilled in a sealed system. With Ice Bank technology, there is no reservoir to clean or sanitize. InstaChill™ cooling system delivers 8 gallons of cold water per hour. RapidHot™ provides piping hot water for tea, cocoa, and instant soups. RapidHot provides 2 gallons per hour and Hot Safety feature is standard. Save energy with SleepMode™ which reduces energy consumption on evenings and weekends. CarbonPlus™ filters will clean 1,500 gallons of tap water and the EZChange™ system means filters are simple to replace. Hygenic award winning design; Ion water coolers are self-sanitizing, and the faucet is hidden away from hands and cups. Bottle-less technology hooks directly into your water system, and helps keep plastic bottles out of the landfill -- bottle-less is the eco-friendly way to drink water! Please call our office for more information.

Bottled Water

Aqua Springs Water 100% Spring or Steam Distilled Water in 3 & 5 gallon bottles 100% Spring Water in 24/.5L (16.9 oz) bottles