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Green Mountain Coffee

About Our Coffee

Green Mountain CoffeeA great cup of coffee begins where the beans are grown: high on a mountain, in warm soil fed by gentle, tropical rains. The finest beans display region-specific flavors and aroma that reflect the farm or estate where they are grown.

Whenever possible, we take a "high-touch" approach to sourcing our beans. Our coffee buyers are constantly on the road, visiting farms and getting to know our farmer partners. We value long-term trade agreements because we know the quality of our coffee is directly related to the quality of the relationship we have with the people who grow it.

Our Coffee Selection


Signature Coffees   Green Mountain Coffee
M Breakfast Blend  Reg and Decaf GM Colombian Fair Trade Select
GM Our Blend GM Nantucket Blend
GM Vermont Country Blend Reg and Decaf GM Half Caff
Partnership Coffees  
GM Newman's Special Blend X-Bold GM Newman's Special Blend Decaf
Dark Roast Coffees  
GM French Roast Reg and Decaf GM Lake & Lodge
Extra Bold Coffees  
GM Kenyan AA X-Bold GM 10% Kona X-Bold
GM Espresso Blend X-Bold GM Dark Magic X-Bold Reg and Decaf
GM Sumatran Reserve X-Bold GM Hazelnut Dark X-Bold
Flavored Coffees  
GM Caramel Vanilla Cream GM French Vanilla  Reg and Decaf
GM Hazelnut Reg and Decaf GM Mocha Nut Fudge
GM Rain Forrest Nut GM Southern Pecan
GM Hot Cocoa
Celestial Seasonings Teas
Green Tea Reg and Decaf English Breakfast Tea
Lemon Zinger Tea Mandarin Orange Spice Tea
Victorian Earl Grey Tea Sleepy time Herbal Tea
India Spice Chai Tea
Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend Caribou French Roast
Donut House X-Bold