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Frequently Asked Questions

Aqua Springs is committed to customer service. We have put together this Frequently Asked Question's page to provide answers to issues concerning bottled water and coffee service. If you have any questions that are not included on this page please fill out the questionnaire and submit it to us so that we may attempt to answer your questions and post them on this forum. Thank you.

I have a splash free bottled water cooler and the stem where the bottle goes is green or brown. Is that mold?
No it is not mold. Aqua Springs Water is 100% Spring water from a protected source deep with-in the earth. Thus, it is naturally rich with minerals. Sun light and high output florescent lighting are enemy's of Spring Water. These light sources can cause the build up of these minerals on the stem of the splash-free cooler insert. It is not harmful to your health. It is simply the minerals in the water in their natural forms. If you rent a cooler from us we will exchange it annually to help avoid this situation. You can also help by periodically wiping the stem and insert with a clean paper towel. DO NOT PUT ANY CHEMICALS INTO THE COOLER. Please do not use any bleach, vinegar, detergent or any other chemicals to clean the insert area. This may result in the chemicals getting into the cooling chamber and mixing with the water. For further information contact us or speak to your delivery driver.

Should I wipe off my 3 or 5 gallon water bottles before I put it on the cooler?
YES!! Absolutely. The cleaner the bottle the cleaner the cooler insert.

I have my own cooler and inside the chamber and the faucets are dirty. How can I clean it?
First, we offer to clean your cooler for a nominal fee and will give you a loaner cooler while we clean yours. Call our office to inquire about pricing for this service. If you wish to clean it yourself, unplug the cooler from the wall outlet. Drain water out of the cooler. Then simply disassemble the top of the cooler removing the insert and the faucets and any other parts. You can wash them in hot water with light dish soap but make sure that the parts are rinsed thoroughly. Inside the cooling chamber can be cleaned with hot water but DO NOT USE SOAP, BLEACH, VINEGAR, or any other detergents as these items will leave a smell or taste on plastic parts. You can use a small amount of Baking Soda to sanitize the chamber but be sure to rinse with hot water thoroughly. Reassemble the cooler and plug it into the outlet and put a fresh bottle of water and enjoy.