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Espresso Machines

Comobar Espresso Italia



Do you want a great cup of espresso without all the mess of packing loose grinds. Then the Comobar Pod or capsule machine is the answer for you.

These machines make a great cup of espresso coffee and the pod unit can froth your milk too. Using pod/capsule technology to eliminate packing and messy grinds. Simply place the pod into the brew chamber and close the handle and push the button and in no time you will be enjoying a flavorful espresso. Froth your milk or cream with the separate frothing spout (pod machine only). This machine uses 2 separate heating tanks so there is no waiting for frothing. Easy to use buttons for flawless brewing.

Originally established in 1981 in Miami, FL Comobar 2000 is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of automatic cappuccino espresso machines and the finest Italian Coffees available today.

Comobar Model Comocup
is the one step automatic Espresso solution. When it comes to coffee equipment, Comobar is a leader in the espresso. The Comocup is a fully automatic capsule espresso machine that gives you authentic espresso with one-touch selection. Our espresso machine is portable, user friendly, auto eject capsules, easy to clean, no training required, no water hook-up or drain, uses regular 120 volts outlet. Our motto is: Barista quality with a touch of a button.

  • Comobar Pod Machine
    Single serve pod system
  • Brews premium espresso through 38/44mm pods
  • Available with stean are or speed foamer
  • The ideal solution for office and restaurant
  • Consistent quality in every cup
  • Sleek Italian design